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Seedlings by Katherin Hudkins
I met Katherin through a mom and baby class she teaches in Arlington. I can honestly say that over the past 12 weeks Katherin has given me so much confidence in being a mom. She has given me valuable advice from how to calm a fussy baby to wearing a Moby Wrap or Ergo correctly. She has helped me adjust my infant seat straps, helped me adjust the Moby Wrap straps, bounced my son on her knee during song time, given me advice on toys, and lent an ear. Her wealth of knowledge and caring has meant so much to me and helped me navigate this new time in my life with so much less stress. Before meeting Katherin I had never heard of a post-partum doula, but I can say that I will be using one with my next child! The support she offers is something I recommend every new mom take advantage of if they are able!