Let’s face it: there is a LOT of baby gear out there, and if you don’t have a baby yet, you don’t know what you really need! I can help you find YOUR right answers as you build your baby gift registry, to make sure you get the things that work best for your lifestyle, and eliminate the items you won’t really use.

I bring four years of recent experience at a baby gear retailer to your family, so I know a lot of products inside and out. I will ask guided questions to understand your lifestyle, wants, and needs, and with that information we can work together to create a baby gift registry about which you feel confident!

I am available for gift registry consultations in your home, where we can edit your registry directly online, or for an additional fee I can accompany you to a retailer to help you test out gear yourselves!

Get in touch via the Contact Me page for further inquiries or to schedule your session today!